Metamaterials, usually composed of an array of structures smaller than the wavelength of interest, are designed to interact with electromagnetic radiation in a fancy way, and allow to control the electromagnetic fields much beyond what is attainable with naturally occurring materials. The new and impressive properties make them into a hot and attractive research topic in the nano-photonic field.

Plasmonics, includes two main parts of surface plasmon polaritons (SPP) and localized surface plasmons resonances (LSPR), is a major part of the fascinating field of nanophotonics. It is based on the interaction processes between electromagnetic radiation and conduction electrons at interfaces or in small nanostructure of some particular materials, typically a noble metal or heavily doped semiconductors. It can play an important role in the field of optical modulators, photodetectors, biochemistry and optical sensing, etc.

In our group, we mainly focus on the novel phenomenon and their potential applications of the metamaterials and plasmonics, study the fundamental physics in behind. Our current research interests include: fully manipulating the propagation wave by plasmonic/dielectric metasurface; light-matter interaction for the plasmonics and dielectric resonator; full-color display by plasmonic nanostructures. And also investigate their practical applications in multi-dimensional optical data storage, optical multiplexing, information encryption and optical sensing, etc.